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All therapists are not equally effective and no therapist is equally effective with all types of clients.  Research shows that the personal qualities of the therapist and therapist/client rapport are more important than the type of therapy employed.Before choosing a therapist, you may interview several to find someone who makes you feel comfortable, inspires confidence, and seems to share your values.  Feel free to ask about the therapist's-

-educational background and training
-length of time in practice

-theoretical orientation
assessment of your problems
-views on specific issues
(such as marriage and divorce, sex roles, religion, homosexuality, etc.)

Steve Wysocki, Ph.D.  -  Director of Clinical Services   -  License No. PSY 6143

Dr. Steve Wysocki is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Marriage, Family and Child Therapist in private practice with over 30 years experience counseling adults, couples, adolescents and children.  In addition he consults with police departments, neighboring school districts, the medical profession, and business and industry.  He completed his Ph.D. in 1975 in Counseling and clinical Psychology at the University of Southern California.

Dr. Wysocki offers individual therapy in the following areas:

-Parent/Child Issues
-Couples Counseling
-Effective Parenting
-Anger Management

-Anxiety & Depression
-Sexual Dysfunction
-Eating Disorders
-Substance Abuse/Addictions
-Stress Management

He also specializes in adolescent and children's issues, including:
-Anger Management
-Peer Pressure
-Sibling Rivalry
-Effective Parenting

-Teen Pregnancy
-Substance Abuse
-Attention Deficit Disorder 

In addition to his private practice, Dr. Wysocki is the Clinical Director of Alta Loma Psychological Associates.  They offer a staff of professionals with a variety of training and experience.  This enables Dr. Wysocki to match the client to a therapist who can provide the appropriate treatment method.

Dr. Wysocki and his staff are frequent speakers at civic and professional groups, businesses, schools, hospitals, and on various local radio and cable television shows.  These services are provided at no charge, to address the growing mental health needs of Rancho Cucamonga and neighboring communities.

Dr. Wysocki has served as the Program Manager of the Adult Psychiatric Unit for Charter Oak Hospital in West Covina.  Currently he is a member of the American Psychological Association, as well as the California State Psychological Association.

Alta Loma Psychological Associates currently offers groups in the following areas:

-Adult Focus Group
-Women's GroupVictims of Domestic Violence
-Post-Abortion Counseling Group
-My Body/My Choice

-Incest Survivors Group
-Teen Support Group
-Surgery for "Female Problems"
-Addictive Behaviors Group
-Effective Parenting Group

Please feel free to phone our office at (909) 980-3567 regarding any of your questions or concerns related to mental health issues or programs that Alta Loma Psychological Associates has to offer.